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My journey to Celiac Disease diagnosis was long and convoluted; one best left as My Story in this blog (coming shortly.) When I finally did discover the root cause of my life long health problems 14 years ago, there were no nifty websites to order GF products, no gluten awareness whatsoever. I remember spending four hours in Whole Foods just reading labels trying to figure out some snacks, edible bread, and packaged food I could eat other than the obvious single foods of meat, vegetables, fruit, and rice. Most, if not all, of my blog entries on hidden glutens have been discovered by my hard earned bad reactions to food, drinks, and the environment. I am and have been my own guinea pig in a giant wheat-eating Western-society science experience called Safe Gluten Free Living.
Having worked in a health food store all through college, having the AMA medical community give up on my massive, prolonged and chronic health issues (prior Celiac discovery), and having a dogged determination to get to the bottom of feeling sick all the time led me to explore natural ways to heal the body. Thus, my Masters degree in Natural Healing, which I started pursuing long before I knew Celiac Disease, was at the heart of my health issues.
I will try to pass on the knowledge I have gained, so you can, hopefully, bypass some of the hidden pitfalls of gluten intolerance.


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  1. well written … keep the blogs coming!

  2. I can’t believe all you know about this disease and am happy you have set up this blog.

  3. I am learning so much from reading your blog posts! Keep it up!

  4. What a great idea. I know that many others will be helped by your ideas and suggestions.

  5. Really fascinating. I am not gluten intolerant but have friends that are and it helps to understand.

    Thanks for writing this.

  6. Love your blog – I learn something new with every post! Keep them coming!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with others. Your blog is helpful and well written.


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