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Glue Alert!

For those of us archaic enough to want to send holiday cards that slide into flap-over, glue-stripped envelops, please remember that the glue almost always contains wheat in some form or another. DO NOT LICK!

I spent 48 hours in bed once with a wild gluten reaction from licking 58 Christmas card envelops.

The good news is that these types of cards are rapidly becoming obsolete.  The holidays are evolving into a much more gluten free friendly place with electronic greeting cards (my option for 2013), family portrait postcards, and peel-off strips with self adhesive envelops.  Gone are the days when I’d have to get the sponge out; line up envelops on the countertop and struggle with the sealing process trying to gage the water content of the sponge to keep the envelops from curling …many times resulting in a messy scotch tape recovery.  To add to the silliness, I’d have to throw away the sponge in fear of gluten contamination that could not be washed out.  Thank goodness those days are over!  (For those of you fairly new to the diet, this is what the holidays were like a decade ago.)

So…Yee Ha to progress!


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When my husband and I moved to a more country-like setting in the southernmost region of Silicon Valley with the hope that a little fresh air and a little space would alleviate some of the stress of managing the ups and downs of my Celiac Disease, we never knew it would lead us into the grand adventure of vineyard management and wine making. This blog weaves through that ongoing story.

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