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Just a quick note to correct some erroneous impressions that may have occurred from my last post.

  1. I thought the whole “tipsy” angle might be funny.  Obviously, it fell short.  I love people who can make me laugh and aspire to be one.  Sadly, I have a more earnest nature, and never seem to be able to pull off “funny.”
  2. It would be hard to actually be tipsy on the 1 to 1 ½ oz. of wine consumed during the barrel tasting I did that day to determine the adjustments the wine needed. With my severe low blood sugar and not eating for hours, it was a wonder I was not passed out in a coma though.
  3. What I intended to convey—the vineyard tasks are and were so involved and time-consuming that every time I planned an hour of work, it easily turned into two or three.  This was the first year I had professional guidance in how to manage the vines properly.  I was constantly shocked by the tedious, time-consuming nature of the required chores.

The bottom line is I need to be true to my more serious nature in my writing , no matter how funny I wish I was.


About GFwinecountryliving

When my husband and I moved to a more country-like setting in the southernmost region of Silicon Valley with the hope that a little fresh air and a little space would alleviate some of the stress of managing the ups and downs of my Celiac Disease, we never knew it would lead us into the grand adventure of vineyard management and wine making. This blog weaves through that ongoing story.

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  1. I made the mistake of reading the retraction first, then the original post–who had a problem with the post? I thought it was great!

    • GFwinecountryliving

      Thank you. After getting feedback from family and a few friends that my joking about being tipsy did not come across as I had planned, I quickly edited those parts from the post and reposted it. Maybe you read the reposted version. Actually seeing your name as the “drunken” cyclist, which I think is clever and fun, inspired me a bit to try the tipsy angle. Sadly, I am not an effective jokester. I appreciate your supportive comment, though!

      • Bummer! I wish I had seen the original! Tell those family members that if they do not like the way you express yourself, they can go and write a blog….

      • GFwinecountryliving

        This comment made me laugh in such a good way! Thanks for the support. Also, I loved your post that started by asking questions, like “how do I become a better writer?” I follow many posts just for the information, but yours I follow not only for the info., but because your writing is good.

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