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Ways to Help-#WineCountryStrong


cropped-798.jpg Photo taken from the hills behind Gundlach Bundschu

To write about wine while the wine country burns feels wrong to me.

And yet finding the words to do the tragedy justice seems impossible.

When I look at the devastation, see what has been taken, how can I respond? When I start to realize the enormity of the situation, all words seem trite.

Each photo elicits the same few words: devastating, heartbreaking, unbelievable.

Each new days brings more reports of loss and not enough containment and evacuations.

Each feed brings different reports of heartache and heroism, of loss and resilience.

It is a place that I’ve never called home, but every time I visit, it sure feels like one. It is home for many friends and for my father-in-law. It is the heart of our country’s wine industry, a place where people dream of living. A place where people have spent…

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About GFwinecountryliving

When my husband and I moved to a more country-like setting in the southernmost region of Silicon Valley with the hope that a little fresh air and a little space would alleviate some of the stress of managing the ups and downs of my Celiac Disease, we never knew it would lead us into the grand adventure of vineyard management and wine making. This blog weaves through that ongoing story.

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